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Semantics is well renowned as a leading business solution provider of traslation and localization, known for its quality, efficiency and professionalism in serving its huge client base. Relationship management is our philosophy of doing business.
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A Complete Offer

Our expertise is based on many years of experience working for major players in the industry, but also for fast-growing young companies.Semantics has greatly contributed to the excellent image of mature Localization Service Providers. From medium sized companies to large corporations, we have a complete service offer to cover all localization needs.

  • Industry specific expertise
  • eLearning & training content
  • ERP/ERM, banking & financial services
  • eBusiness, eProcurement and logistics
  • Technology
  • Travel industry
  • Global coverage
  • 42 teams in 28 countries worldwide
  • Database of +250 referenced and certified contractors
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Excellent image in the industry
  • Retaining 99 percent of clients over +8 years
  • Rapidly increasing shares of existing clients' business
  • Working on complex, mission-critical projects of large corporations
  • "Best Localization Partner"
  • Translation Fields :